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Brother And Sisters (02) Mp4

Her uncle performs surgery on Ark 1 to remove all the experimental devices from her skin. Kyung-Hee ends up taking the girl with her to her house, where she lives with her brother, Dae-Gil. Meanwhile, Dr. Baek receives a visit from Jang, the head of the secret institute. They both talk about the girl who escaped at the Jeju Island coastal base, where Jang deploys a tactical team to solve the problem secretly. At night, Yong-Doo and his gang threaten Kyung-Hee into giving him the deed to her father's property, revealing that he was murdered by Yong. The girl appears and defeats most of the henchmen with her brute strength, causing Yong-Doo to flee in terror. An agent named Jo-Hyeon and her South African companion are called in to speak with Baek, who offers them a device that can track Ark 1. Yong-Doo, not happy with what happened, tortures Kyung-Hee's uncle for more information about the girl.

Brother And Sisters (02) mp4

During the trip to the market, Kyung-Hee discovers that her uncle is injured and goes out to help him. When she returns to the car, she finds Jo-Hyeon and her colleague, who shows footage of the girl killing everyone before the escape and asks her to help them stop Ark 1. Yong-Doo meets with Jang's squad when reporting the girl's presence to his partners in crime, where he ends up receiving a dose of their power in exchange for revealing the location of the girl. Kyung-Hee arrives home with instructions to leave with her brother as soon as a fireworks show takes place, but before that happens, Yong-Doo arrives with his gang and Jang's squad. Kyung dies while trying to buy time for Dae-Gil and Ark 1 to escape, being killed with a fatal shot in the process.

Jo-Hyeon's tactical forces fire a bazooka to kill the girl on the roof, but she manages to escape. Dae-Gil survives the house explosion, but dies soon after by Yong-Doo upon seeing his sister's body. The gang, Jo-Hyeon and her companion are killed by the squad before being attacked by the girl. Yong-Doo ends up having his feet broken by Ark 1, leaving him incapacitated despite the superhuman dose he received. She enters a fight against the last two members of the tactical force, where she disintegrates one of them with her telekinesis. Goo Ja-yoon arrives by car and finishes off the last survivor of the chaos, before revealing to Ark 1 that they are sisters and that she has been monitoring her since her escape. Ja-yoon says she needs her to find their mother, as she has a stronger psychic bond with the girl. Ark 1 doesn't respond, focusing her attention on the loss of Dae-Gil and Kyung-Hee, watching Yong slowly die. Ja-yoon injects her sister with a tranquilizer and puts her in the car, driving away from the scene together.

At the end of the film, Baek senses the danger the sisters now have together before being shown their mother inside a huge aquarium with wires connected to it. The woman opens her eyes and the screen goes dark. 041b061a72


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