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Reallusion Iclone 3dxchange 5.4

Once inside iclone, Load the hair and an avatar, align the hair to the avatar and attach the the hair to the head. Then, with the hair selected, right click ->add to library and it will save the hair as an accessory. Now you can use the hair on any avatar you wish.

Reallusion Iclone 3dxchange 5.4

I have saved the presets for each character base I have and I still have to edit almost every morph when I import a character of the same base. By qdai - 10 Years Ago rampa (3/13/2013)Alright, I'll see what I can do.I'm starting at the export from DAZ stage. I have not added any animation.Export your file as FBX, and set your export rules. NOTE: The .CTRL morphs might not all show up on the DAZ parameter dials. I went and looked through the list in there folder. This also made it easy to copy the names for the rule names if I did not want the whole morph family. The CTRL morphs are located at:C:\Users\YourDirectory\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis\Base\MorphsYou'll find the others there too in different folders.Next I imported my avatar into 3DX. Selected "import animation". Said yes to everything that popped up.At this point, you should be able to click on any morph in the side panel and see it on your avatar. I have selected the "AA" viseme.If you see the morph, go ahead and open the expression editor. Select a morph picture (AA viseme, in my case), and find it in the list on the right. Now slide its slider up to 100%.Hit the "save" button. I like to hit the auto button so I don't have to hit save.I've tried to follow this but I'm lost. It was probably clear with your pictures; but they don't show up. Do you have to have Mimic Live to get the CTRL morphs? How do they correlate to the facial animation .duf file? And how do you set a "Head" export rule and exactly what does this do? Is setting the "Head" export rule all you need to do to get the CTRL morphs out of Daz in fbx format (If you did not do any animation in Daz how do you get the CTRL morpshs out)? And once out, are some or any of them automatically mapped to Visemes in 3DX expression editor?Ok, now the images show up. Deleted to save space. By wendyluvscatz - 10 Years Ago most of my figures are decimated so one preset will not work on another is my V4 preset By wendyluvscatz - 10 Years Ago you can use the lowest smoothing setting but I still cannot share the preset.I use decimator on my meshes, this is the reason my presets will not work on any other meshes but the one I do it for. By Resoundproductions - 10 Years Ago Hi, thanks for the help! I'm gonna have a play with a few of the different options you outlined. Will be sure to post results of any successful methods. By Rampa - 10 Years Ago @ Resoundproductions,You can indeed use a standard iCone avatar as a stand-in. The speech works fine when you replace the avatar as Animagic pointed out.You may want to make sure your stand-in avatar and DAZ avatar are similar, like the height and basic build. By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago Corvega (3/16/2013)Can facial animations be done by ONLY having the 3dexchange upgrade 5.4?Also where do I find iCloneFaceKey.DUF? I would like to keep Daz 64bit since I can use Photoshop to edit the character. I think that the 32bit does not have this feature in DAZWhat is the difference between these two dwnloads3DX5 Character Designer's Resource Pack for Version5.4 (84.2 MB)3DX5 Character Designer's Resource Pack (FBX Format) (93.7 MB)I also noticed that 3dxchange 5.4 crashes when I try to convert to non standard character.This was not happening with ver 5.0You can do it in the 64 bit version. You have to purchase the facial pipeline pack in order to get the .DUF. You can set export rules to export the facial expressions without the DUF. If your 3dx crashes, try another character or try to reinstall the update. As far as purchasing animate, I can apply morphs along the timeline without having purchased it. It comes with animate lite and the actual timeline is not the same as the animate timeline. I don't have the DUF and I don't drag and drop, I manually assign morphs to the timeline so I am not sure. By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago So.... Bought the pack, loaded the DUF, and it took about 20 minutes to export the character from DAZ???Using the head. Rule, even when adding body morphs to the timeline, the export happened in less than 30 sec. By Rampa - 10 Years Ago I was a little surprised that saving the expression file in 3DX would not work for other DAZ characters. It does a face count check. Now, obviously, your morphs and model need to correspond, but I would have thought this file was just a list of morphs, and so would apply to any DAZ Genesis character. When I opened the file in a text editor, I discovered that it is not human-readable.So, without the expensive DUF, it truly is a one-by-one process of applying character expressions.Grumble By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago If a piece of clothing covers an entire body region, what I do is make those parts of the body invisible and then prepare Decimator, but then exit without actually decimating the remaining verticies. There is also a tool called polygon group editor that allows you to select regions, parts, or individual verts and delete them. I have done this with clothing also. Sometimes (bikinis) its too much work than the benefit. By Rampa - 10 Years Ago @rcsinger29I think it would work for shirts, pants, and shoes to attach dummy props to your character, and then use the reach targets for the clothing to reach to the dummy props. The toe bend for walking will be taken care of by "foot Contact" on the clothing. By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago I was wrong, You can't delete the genesis character, you must select Genesis in the surfaces tab and slide the opacity slider to 0, then "prepare to Decimate" with Remove invisible "nodes" and "Surfaces" selected. This will retain the full genesis rig and the shape of the avatar you used when fitting the clothing.

By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago To be honest, The game rig appears from what I have seen to be a very powerful tool. If I understand it correctly, it would appear as though you can "rig" an obj with it.I WILL purchase the facial pack due to the extra features, but I am VERY VERY disapointed if not downright angry that I still cannot make my Daz characters talk. all they do it look around. to be clear, I cannot afford to purchase it at the moment and I changed my work off-day to tomorrow JUST SO I COULD USE THIS NEW TOOL! By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago yes yes.. I purchased 3dx5 pro and the daz devolopers pack specifically for this purpose. we have been promised we would have talking DAZ characters for a year now, "included free for existing 3dx5 pro and pipeline users" and now it seems as though all they can do for free is look around. That or custom load your own morphs that will not automatically adjust to the iclone face key. By Peter (RL) - 10 Years Ago rcsinger29 (3/11/2013)To be honest, The game rig appears from what I have seen to be a very powerful tool. If I understand it correctly, it would appear as though you can "rig" an obj with it.I WILL purchase the facial pack due to the extra features, but I am VERY VERY disapointed if not downright angry that I still cannot make my Daz characters talk. all they do it look around. to be clear, I cannot afford to purchase it at the moment and I changed my work off-day to tomorrow JUST SO I COULD USE THIS NEW TOOL!The Genesis Extension files supplied free with the Character Pack allow you to automatically add Genesis characters to 3DXchange5 and have the facial mapping done for you.However you can add facial expressions manually yourself in Daz Studio 4.5, and then after exporting as FBX, map the expressions in the 3DXchange 5.4 Expression Editor. By rcsinger29 - 10 Years Ago When adjusting the expressions, the only controls I have are for both eyes at once By animatom - 10 Years Ago Few hints about exporting characters from DAZ, because there are many different models, generation of models, exclusive DAZ glitches, morphs rules and all kind of nasty DAZ habits - to many to make some general step by step tutorial for exports to 3DXchange. 1.Try to use DAZ Studio 4.5 32 bit edition; it have it's own (very good one BTW) lip sync tool. You don't need these animation out, but it will activate all necessary morphs of the face. Just tell model to say few words (some audio examples are parts of DAZ). DAZ Studio 4.5 64 bit doesn't have this tool.2. Some morphs, depending on the model, needs to be keyframed on the timeline to get out. Just put one keyframe at the begining and one at the end (with few facial sliders moved between, of course). On export choose to export morphs AND animation.3. You can always use Collada export, where you can choose different option (bake, export or ignore) for every morph model have. Then use Autodesk's free converter to convert Collada to FBX.4. For models other and older than Genesis, try to find older DAZ - I still use DAZ Studio 2 for most elegant FBX export; there you can activate all morphs you want to be exported and in export screen simply choose "export just active morphs")DAZ Studio is extremely useful tool, but it could be very tricky and we really can't expect of Reallusion to solve DAZ problems. During the beta testing I tried to export many, many different models and - with or without some of the tricks above - they all worked. Most beautiful thing for me is that we can now lipsync even models without any viseme morphs, like excellent Nursoda characters for example (as DrPitterbill in my Hamlet test video), few smile - not smile - open mouth - close mouth morphs, and job easily done in 3DXchange. All in all, I think this update is one of the best thing happened in the world of real time animation. Ever. By Cricky - 10 Years Ago jonblade1 (3/12/2013)Considering the long awaited facial animation export for daz characters I went ahead and paid the 129 for the character kit just to get the iCloneFacekey.DUF file. I figured since it was the only reason I bought Iclone exchange 5 (already had 4) another hundred and thirty bucks for the ability to have a one click solution instead of editing every imported model was fair enough I guess. However unless I am doing something wrong (probably I am). I still have nothing attached to the visemes automatically. The eyes and head rotation are auto mapped, but I still have to use the sliders to input the vismes and also after watching the tutorial video on how to do it I also notice that it says that the vismes are in order and named after the viseme in exchange 5. Something like head.CNTRLVSMER with the last 2 letters being the sound it matches "er".First off they are not in order there are viseme CNTRLVSM sliders that dont match any visemes and some excluded which is the real problem. I didn't mind the extras for tweaking purposes, I'll even do the sliders manually not real happy about it but okay.I have no problem tweaking for individual characters... but for a 130 bucks could I at least get a iCloneFacekey.DUF file with the whole viseme library?As far as I can see without mixing each individually for visemes R, Ch&J, N&NG, and EE they are not even in my list and a few more that don't match the visemes in Xchange I've best guessed which they mean. Now as I said I could be doing something wrong but if I'm not the 130 bucks I spent for the iCloneFacekey.DUF file (which I understand retails for 99 bucks just by itself) was money wasted. I hope this isn't the case and I have either misunderstood the tutorials, incorrectly installed it, or a combination of both.Please let me know where I've gone wrong here.Did you actually apply the DUF file to the Genesis inside DAZ?You should find that the Facial Bones and Viseme assignments work just fine if you have.


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