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Buy Glove Box

All transparent two port glove box in Clear non-dissipative PVC. Glove Box includes Airlock (transfer chamber) , nitrogen ports and one pair of standard gloves. Many other options and accessories are available upon request. To request a quote and pricing see 2100 Series Glove Box

buy glove box

All transparent two port glove box in Clear ESD PVC. Glove Box includes Airlock (transfer chamber) , nitrogen ports and one pair of standard gloves. Many other options and accessories are available upon request. To request a quote and pricing see 2100 Series Glove Box

All transparent two port glove box in Clear acrylic. Includes transfer chamber , nitrogen ports and one pair of standard gloves. Many other options and accessories are available upon request. To request a quote and pricing see 2100 Series Glove Box

Two port glove box in white polypropylene. Glove Box includes Airlock (transfer chamber) , nitrogen ports and one pair of standard gloves. Many other options and accessories are available upon request. To request a quote and pricing see 2100 Series Glove Box

This economy Nitrogen purge glove box is ideal for work needing a sealed chamber or controlled atmosphere environment. It is useful as a dry box, glove box, dust box or draft-free enclosure for tissue culturing.

Keep car manuals, receipts and important documents organized and protected in a zippered case that fits in door pockets, large consoles and glove compartments. 6 storage compartments include a gusseted manual pocket with an elastic band to keep documents from falling out, 2 slip pockets for receipts, a full zip pocket, clear-view card pocket and corner pocket for a pen or tire gauge.

The Dodge Dakota is a mid-size pickup truck that has been in production since 1987. The Dakota can be used for towing, off-roading, or as a daily driver. If the glove box in your Dakota malfunctions or the latch stops working, it can be replaced with new or used parts.

The main use for the glove box is to keep important items at hand. You can store paperwork like insurance cards, your truck registration, or maintenance records in the glove box for Dodge Dakota. You may also wish to keep a first aid kit, flashlight, or basic tools in the glove box. The basic idea behind the glove box is to provide you with a way to carry essentials and keep them contained in a space that can be reached from the drivers seat. Many glove boxes can be locked or unlocked using your truck key.

Some glove boxes are compatible with other Dodge vehicles. The glove box from different models of Dakotas may also work. If youre unsure of compatibility of a certain glove box, you can use your VIN number and the name of the part youre considering to let you know if the part will fit.

To choose a glove box for your Dakota, you should know the year and trim of your truck. Parts for the Dodge Dakota can vary greatly between years and even trims of this pickup. You should also know the interior color of your truck as you will want to buy a glove box that is an exact match for your vehicles interior color. When choosing parts for your Dakota, you should be aware of the term "OEM." This term is used to describe a part that is a genuine Dodge-made product. You can also choose from among other aftermarket brands that make parts for the Dakota.

Occasionally, the glove box latch will break and need replacing. If you only want the latch and have no issues with any other parts of the glove box, you can purchase the latch on its own. The process to replace the latch is quite simple and can usually be done without having to remove the glove box.

The installation of a new glove box in your pickup is relatively simple and requires no special tools or mechanical knowledge. You can first remove the old glove box. Its attached with screws in the front and may also be held in with clips at the back. Once the old box has been removed from your Dodge, you can use the existing hardware to install the new box if there is no wear or damage to the screws. Once you disconnect the electrical connectors, youre ready to install your new glove box. New hardware can be purchased for installation if you cant use the old screws and clips.

The new 857-OTA One-Touch "Go Anaerobic" chamber allows one simple press of the "Go Anaerobic" button to create a strict anaerobic environment. No standing around to manually purge glove box. Simply push the "Go Anaerobic" button on the large, color, touch-screen display and glove box automatically begins the purging sequence. Only 300 liters of gas needed to achieve anaerobic atmosphere.

VGB-1 is a small size stainless steel glove box with Airlock Chamber, Gauges and vacuum Flanges, which allow glove box operate under vacuum to remove moisture and oxygen without expensive inert gas purging, It is an ideal tool for material and chemical researchers to process air sensitive materials and solutions.

Car organizations for a glove box, console or door pocket, our High Road Glove Box Organizer has 7 expanding file compartments with tab inserts to keep important car documents, receipts and coupons readily accessible. 2 front card pockets keep roadside service and reward cards where you need them. Flap cover with elastic loop closure keeps documents secured. Measures 5.5 x 10.25" to fit most glove compartments.

Return Policy: Due to the unspecified nature of their use and the environment in which they are used, glove boxes may only be returned due to shipping damage reported within 2 days of receipt, and only if the unit has not been assembled.

A laboratory glove box, often called a lab glove box, is a securely sealed container box that has openings on the same or opposite sides with attached gloves that allows the operator to work inside the isolated environment. All or part of the laboratory glove box walls are made with clear acrylic plastic or tempered glass to allow visibility of the processes and manipulations in the chamber. Conventionally, there are two main types of lab glove boxes. Containment glove boxes are used to protect laboratory personnel and the surrounding environment from contamination with hazardous materials or malignant bacteria. Isolation glove boxes or nitrogen glove boxes are used to maintain inert gas environment during an experiment or performing other tasks. A single laboratory box may comprise features of both types, therefore it is important to check the specifications of your specific lab glove box before buying it to ensure it fits the requirements of the processes for which it will be used.

These Open Exhaust loop glove boxes draw the ambient room atmosphere through a 99.97% (@ 0.3?m particles) HEPA filter and then into the chamber set up for negative pressure operations. It includes a 480-CFM impeller blower unit, mounted in a Polypropylene housing. The containment chamber with Two HEPA Filter allows safe handling and packaging of powders and other hazardous materials.

The high standards of containment and manufacture of our glove boxes, and the use of sophisticated handling facilities as required by the nuclear industry, have provided a quality and design base upon which the company has taken its products into chemistry, medical, pharmaceutical, research of materials and welding, with a variety of innovative applications.

The success of Glove Box Technology is founded upon specialisation and a thorough understanding of our technology. This enables us to devote our total attention to the creative development of inert gas glove boxes and containment, normally Nitrogen, Argon or Helium, and the management of that environment to low levels of contamination, typically but not exclusively, oxygen and/or moisture to below 1 part per million.

The company has a portfolio of glove boxes and designs for accessories and many custom designed proprietary components to aid glove box users with a wide range of applications. We will collaborate with customers to solve process problems where new solutions need to be found, reflecting the company's innovative nature and willingness to embrace new technology.

It is the company's objective to provide a broad range of customer services in support of its specialised inert gas system design and manufacturing capability. Our products range from large/complex to small/simple, in a variety of materials, in the interest of offering our customers the widest choice of supply. Our comprehensive after sales service is complimented by related glove box activity such as Contract Hire, Trade-in, Refurbishment & Upgrades, Brokerage, and the second hand trade of buying and selling. A dedicated, comprehensive and unique service for users of inert gas glove boxes.

Our website provides an introduction to the core products and services provided by Glove Box Technology Limited. We hope it is of interest and look forward to receiving your enquiry and providing personal assistance with glove box system selection and advice. If your glove box requirement is not covered here it does not mean we are not interested, we look forward to assisting you with any glove box problem.

The most basic kind of glove box is just a clear container with holes in the side that you can reach through with gloved hands. This design is suitable for containing large particles that quickly settle to the bottom of the box such as wood chips or metal shavings. To make this, you will need a pair of gloves and a clear plastic storage tub. Try to find a tub that is at least mostly transparent. You need to be able to clearly see what you are doing when you are working in the glove box. Start by deciding where the arm ports will be located. You want them to be spaced out enough so that your arms will be in a comfortable position while working. Trace a 4 inch diameter circle for each arm port. Then cut out each circle with a knife or rotary tool.

If you want to keep fine particles or chemical fumes contained, then you need to seal the openings on the glove box. The first step in doing this is to seal the arm ports. To do this you will need a few additional materials. To make the arm ports, you will need two pieces of 4 inch diameter PCV pipe that are each 2-3 inches long. To seal the edges of the pipe, you will need a tube of sealant. The type of sealant that you should use will depend on how you will be using the glove box but for most applications, regular silicone caulking is fine. For the gloves, I recommend using elbow length waterproof gloves. To attach the gloves to the PVC pipe you can use hose clamps, zip ties, or even strong rubber bands. Begin by inserting the PVC pipe into the cut holes. You may need to widen the holes a little if they don't fit. Position the pipes so that there is about 1/2 inch of pipe sticking out of the side of the box. Then apply the sealant all around the pipe on both sides of the wall and let it dry overnight. Then fit the gloves over the PVC pipe inside the box. Be sure to mount the right glove on the right side and the left glove on the left side with the palms down. Slide your hands into the gloves to verify that they are in a good working position. Lastly secure the gloves in place with hose clamps, zip ties or strong rubber bands. Sealed arm ports like these are much better at keeping fine particles, dust, and powder contained within the box. This feature makes a glove box well suited for applications that involve grinding or cutting with a rotary tool since these tasks often kick up a lot of fine particles that can be hazardous to breathe. 041b061a72

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