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Kyla Moscovich comes from a musical family and has been visiting jazz clubs since she was a baby. Now 15, she plays both classical and jazz trumpet. In this episode we see her doing both. Kyla says that for her playing classical music requires more maturity and focus than playing jazz, while jazz offers more freedom.

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As we saw in episode 10, one of the major identifying characteristics of jazz is improvisation: using the written score as a guide and making up your own variations on the music. In rehearsal, Chris O'Riley surprises Kyla by moving from the classical piece as written (Kent Kennan's Sonata for Trumpet and Piano) to an improvised version. Kyla is able to play along with Chris and is clearly enjoying the chance to improvise on a classical number.

FLIR PRIMED is a CBRNE Training Video Series. Every few weeks, we deliver best practices, industry insights, and real-life experiences that help you stay prepared. Each episode is accompanied by a field checklist or downloadable guide that you can use right now! See more at

Check out the twelfth episode of Landmine Love with Jeff and Sabrena! Listen to their thoughts and advice on love, sex, and relationship questions. If you have a question you would like to submit, you can send Jeff a message or an email at No subject or question is off limits. Questions will be anonymous.

New research is backing up this approach by exploring how coercive control impacts children directly via multiple pathways to harm. In this episode, Ruth and David talk with Dr Emma Katz, a leading research specialist in the harms caused by perpetrators to mothers and children in the context of domestic abuse. The topics of conversation include:

In this episode we are taking you to India, where the dream of a Persian French family of taking to India the culinary pleasures of a very typical French Patisserie comes true. The Christine, Kazem and Laurent Samandari first share practical ideas on how to make sure such a dream can come true and then in the second part of this podcast we dig deeper into the values that are at the foundation of this very successful enterprise, planning to have over a 100 patisseries spread around India. 041b061a72

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