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Auction House __HOT__

If our doors are open, you are welcome to come in and take a peek at our upcoming items for sale, but please remember that we are still a work in progress during the week, always getting ready for the next auction.

auction house

This business was so helpful and organized! They were honest and treated us a they would want to be treated if they were the customer. They were very knowledgeable about the auction business. I would defiantly recommend them if you need an auction service!

Steve, Drew and Tony are super!! Steve assessed our items told us what would sale and what would not! Very honest! Excellent auctioneer, moves items quickly!! Would and have recommended to others! Give them a call better to sell your items for something instead just setting around!!

Your auction staff is very helpful, Steve Cates is a super auctioneer. I like your sales and most of them have items in which I am interested. Keep them coming. I like sales with a wide array of bid items. I have been impressed with your sales since coming into contact with them earlier this year.

In preparing to downsize from a large house, I visited numerous auction houses in both North & South Carolina to find the best option. Carolina Auction House is by far the greatest auction company to work with from start to finish! Steven is honest & will let you know upfront what type of items will sell, and others that may not. The staff are excellent to work with and do a wonderful job with pictures & putting lots together. Zach made it easy and so helpful in planning what & when to bring items in. This Auction House is the most professional and ethical business I've ever dealt with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to do an estate sale, or as a means to sell collectible items.

I have just finished having an auction at Carolina Auction House in January 2017 and I am very pleased to say I was very happy with the outcome of the entire auction. Steven, the auctioneer was very good at his job of performing the auction and keeping it running very smoothly. The folks that helped with bringing the items to the auction stand and taking the piece to the person who purchased the item were very courteous and kind. Tony whom I worked most closely with was most kind to me and always gave me very wise advice about any item I spoke with him about relating any of the items I had any questions about that I planned to sell. I would highly recommend Tony and Steve of the auction house to do any auction you may plan to have. I cannot recommend them more highly and plan to do business with them in the near future with some additional items I plan to sell. I feel as though I can call Tony & Steve my friends.

You took a situation that seemed overwhelming to me and handled it with ease! The family so much appreciates your experience and skills as you managed every aspect of our auction. You obviously know your business and enjoy what you do because seldom have I met an individual with the level of enthusiasm, passion & professionalism that you displayed. From your first visit to the home, to packing and transporting of the items, to the marketing and advertising for the auction, to the actual auction itself, you handled each phase of the operation like a pro!If I or any of my family or friends were to need an auction service, I would not hesitate to recommend Carolina Auction House and Steven Cates!

Auction House is the UK's largest residential and commercial property auction company, we sell more properties than any other auctioneer, and operate more auction rooms than anyone else. We also run regular National Online Auctions with eBay style internet bidding from the comfort of your own home. If you are looking for your next refurbishment project, buy to let investment, commercial property, land for a self-build, or simply a bargain property, register today to start receiving property alerts to help with your search. If you have property to sell, why not speak to one of our team in your area to find out how Auction House can provide you with an easier way to sell locally, regionally or indeed nationally.

*Guides are provided as an indication of each seller's minimum expectation.They are not necessarily figures which a property will sell for and may change at any time prior tothe auction. Each property will be offered subject to a Reserve(a figure below which the Auctioneer cannot sell the property during the auction) which we expectwill be set within the Guide Range or no more than 10% above a single figure Guide.

The Auction House (commonly abbreviated as AH) is a location in the Hub World, that conducts auctions. It is a Medieval-styled large building, found to the west of the Village spawn or to the left of the map and the Hub Portal.

Auctions are created and bid on by players. Players can set the starting price of the auction and how long it lasts. To browse or create an auction, the player must interact with the Auction Master or any Auction Agent NPC in the Auction House. Alternatively, if you have a Booster Cookie active, you can use /ah to open the Auction House menu, from anywhere with a few exceptions such as Dungeons.

The BIN Filter (to the right of Eye of Ender) will switch between viewing Show All (Powered Rail) which shows both auctions and BINs, BIN only (Gold Ingot) which only shows BINs, and Auctions Only (Gold Block) which only shows active auctions. Unlike the other settings, this one can be personalized and does not have a default viewing, meaning it will always automatically go into the mode you were in previously.

To manage your auctions, click the Gold Horse Armor in the Auctions Master GUI. If you don't have any auctions active, it will automatically show you the Create Auction screen. This will show what item you have on auction and their current bid if you already have auctions active.

To create an auction, click the Gold Horse Armor again at the bottom of the management GUI. This will open up the auction creator. Clicking an item from your inventory will select it as the one to be put up for auction. Clicking the gold bar will let you choose the minimum bidding price. Clicking the clock will let you select the total amount of time players will have to bid on your auction. There are several options from 1 hour to 2 days as well as an option to customise the auction time. If you want to retrieve your item from the top slot, just click it again. Note that if a player leaves this screen (by pressing ESC or E) while an item is in the slot, it will still remain in the slot. You can see it again by going back to the Create Auction screen.

By pressing the gold ingot next to the arrow, you can switch your item from being an auction to being a BIN. This allows players to instantly buy your items without needing to wait and does not let other players outbid them. Additionally, the 0.13 update introduced a 20 second grace period after creating a BIN auction where one cannot buy the item during the time.

When creating auctions, one must pay a fee equal to 5% of the starting price plus additional fees depending on how long the auction will last. BIN taxes work similarly but the fee for starting is always 1% of the item's price. When collecting auctions and BINs above 1 million, a 1% tax is collected.

To bid on an auction, you must have enough coins to meet the starting amount, or 2.5% more than the most recent bid subtracting the amount you have already bid on it. Click on an item, then click the gold nugget ("Submit Bid") button. This will subtract the amount from your Purse. If you do not have enough coins, the gold nugget will instead show a poisoned potato. When one fails to get the highest bid on an auction, their coins are refunded.

You can list any item on the Auction House by holding it in your main hand and typing the command /auction in chat. There is a confirmation message in the chat that tells you how much you receive after tax.

For example, the player (you) want to sell an Ice Cream for 1500 Rubies, excluding tax. This would be written as: "/auction 1500". Typing the same command a second time or clicking the confirmation message in chat will confirm the price and list it in the Auction House.

Explore answers to common questions about online auction real estate and other relevant topics. We incorporate our professional insights into our informative articles, increasing confidence in your real estate venture.

MWR is now preparing for its second phase of the towing operation, which will be a large online auction of the vehicles in May. Tentatively set to begin May 1, the auction will be completely virtual and will last three weeks. Anyone with base access may participate in the auction.

Most cities and some towns have their own Auction Houses. All Auction Houses in a realm are connected, and offer the same items for sale, regardless of location or faction. (In earlier versions of the game there were separate Alliance, Horde and Neutral auction houses.) Players with trial accounts can see the items listed for an auction but cannot buy or sell through the Auction Houses.

Characters on the same account cannot bid on items put up for auction on any Auction House by a different character on the same account, even if the characters are of different factions (Alliance or Horde).

Blizzard does not prohibit "giving away" items to friends on opposite factions by putting an item on the auction house with a buyout fee of 1 copper, and expecting their intended recipient to buyout on it quickly. However, anyone is entitled to buyout the item at that price, and even if someone is not the intended recipient of that item, "stealing" it is not punishable by GMs.

Right-click on one of the auctioneer NPC's to open a dialog box where you can interface with the auction system. These NPC's always have the title Auctioneer and you can find them on your Minimap by checking Auctioneers under Townsfolk; the gold coins icon () shows where they are. The dialog has three tabs, Browse, Bids, and Auctions, located at the bottom. Buyers will need the first tab to find an item to bid on, and the second tab to track current bids. Sellers will need the first tab to check prevailing prices, and the third tab to track the items they currently have on sale. 041b061a72

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