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Fishing Planet

Request a Return Authorization by emailing us at with your order number, the name of the item you would like to return, and the reason why the item did not work out. Simply package your order with the invoice and reason for return, and ship to our Order returns center.Address or other customer error: If a package is returned intact to Fishing Planet Store LLC due to address error (or any other error) made by the customer, the customer will be responsible for any shipping fees incurred. A refund will be issued for merchandise.Lost packages: Lost packages must be reported to Fishing Planet Store LLC within 30 days from the date of shipment confirmation. Fishing Planet Store LLC cannot be held liable for refunds or replacements for more than one calendar month. For any returned package: For any order that is returned to Fishing Planet Store LLC, if return shipping cost is greater than the cost of good ordered, Fishing Planet Store LLC will instruct the carrier to abandon the package. In such a case, the customer will not receive a refund for the order, but will not be liable for the return shipping cost.Destroyed or unreturned packages: If a package has been destroyed by custom or the carrier, or has otherwise not been returned to Fishing Planet Store LLC, we cannot issue a refund for the order.

Fishing Planet


We offer free replacements for products that were received damaged or defective. Please contact us at upon receipt. In order to receive a replacement, we ask that you notify us within 72 hours of receiving your product to request an exchange for the same item and include:

If you receive an incomplete order, or your package never arrived, please email and include your order number. If we're unable to locate the order, we'll issue a free replacement order or a full refund.

The Nammu Spinning Rod is constructed with parts from the leading manufacturer in quality, FUJI, including its reel seat and high-performance aluminum oxide guides. Whether you are fishing for slippery trout or delicious panfish, this rod will deliver a level of comfort and body sensitivity that is perfect for your fishing experience.

I've caught quite a few bass and a couple trout on my nammu set up and absolutely love it! I have been fishing my whole life and am happy to tell you this is the nicest set up I have ever owned. This rod is durable and can pull some big bass through the lily pads fairly easy but can also flick out the lightest lures extremely far, in other words very versatile. All around perfect freshwater rod and reel.

Hello there, dear friends! We are excited to tell you that now you have an opportunity to fish from the comfort of your living room along with your friends and catch real monsters that are lurking in the muddy waters, as Fishing Planet, the first free-to-play fishing simulator, is now out on Xbox One and Windows 10 as an Xbox Play Anywhere title!

The game begins with a lengthy tutorial that attempts to teach you the basics of the game such as movement, menu navigation, and most importantly, fishing. Although these seem like basic tasks, some of them are unfortunately far more complicated than others.

The PC version operates exactly as you would want, moving the cursor to the appropriate spot and clicking on what you want to buy or select, however, using a controller turns that simple operation into a mind-bending circus that can frustrate players that just want to get back to what the game excels at: authentic simulated fishing.

The gameplay itself, on the other hand, is far easier to handle and is a proper simulation of real-life fishing. The Fisherman: Fishing Planet is a full-blown sim, with accurate weather forecasts, baiting requirements, real-life locations, and even licensing restrictions.

Using these different methods brings authenticity and realism to the game that other fishing games seem to lack. The Fisherman leans heavily into the sport of fishing, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the game.

Each competition, or sport, is limited in terms of how long they take place and what the scoring requirements are. For instance, in Midnight Salmon Galore, you are limited to catching all forms and types of Salmon while night fishing for only 30 minutes, with the goal being to get the maximum weight difference between the smallest and biggest salmon you catch.

Loyal customers of the f2p game love the franchise for its authenticity to the real-life sport of fishing, but without the developers willing to meet those players halfway by either offering account transfers or a discount voucher, they feel like they are forced to choose between the new game, or stick with one that may not get many more updates down the line.

Although my experience with the fishing genre was limited heading into this review, I came out of it learning a whole new appreciation and respect for the amount of skill and effort it takes to be at the top of the sport.

Fishing Planet is a very realistic fishing game that really puts players in the heart of the action. The game is designed for single players so that they can experience the thrill of fishing and hone their skills even when they are on dry land and there are plenty of different elements thrown into the mix.

It is clear from the very first glance that a lot of care and attention to detail has gone into creating Fishing Planet. This is a game that has been created by fishing enthusiasts for other enthusiasts and there are more than seventy different species of fish to catch as well as twelve scenic waterways set in different locations. Players are given the chance to select the type of waterway that they want to cast off in, which will in turn dictate the types of fish they are able to catch. There are lots of realistic touches that help to make players feel as though they are fishing in real life such as ripples on the surface of the water.

In terms of fishing games, Fishing Planet really stands out from the ground with its impressive graphics and plenty of realistic details. When it comes right down to it though, whether or not people find this game to be good relaxing fun or a complete snoozefest depends on whether they enjoy fishing itself. 041b061a72


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