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Hamlet Ivanov
Hamlet Ivanov

Download Big Solitaires 3D for Free and Experience Solitaire in a New Dimension

The interface is a bit ugly but fairly easy to use. Just scroll through the games and click on the one you'd like to try. All of them show the rules and high scores when you Ctrl-click or right-click on them. If you don't know which one to try, just click on 'Random' and Pretty Good Solitaire will throw a random game at you. The preferences are surprisingly detailed for a game of this type, allowing you to download different card sets, change the desktop background and add new players.

big solitaires 3d download

Solitaire games include, FreeCell - Spider - Klondike - Pyramid - Poker Squares - Golf - Demon/Canfield - Cribbage Squares - Casket - Alternations - Eliminator - Yukon and Tri-Peaks each with multiple game rules, such as Spider one, two and four suit solitaires, to add variety.

I also have Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.1256). I see when I check under settings, update & security, that Win10 20H2 is available for download. Never have downloaded it and after reading these recent comments, I have no plans to!! And I still dislike Win10, even though I have adapted to some things. I miss others.


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